Sick, Personal and Vacation

We're describing them like you don't know what they are.

Sick Leave

You wake up, you turn on one side, then on the other. You look at the time and you know...

Personal Leave

Is it your birthday, or your child has a audition or you've now got paid and its splurge time

Vacation Leave

Take that trip to someonwhere you've never been on something you've never took before.

How can we make your life simpler

And thats what we aim to do. Simple UI. Simple Functions. No Bloat

Need More Convincing

Reports, Message Alerts, Calendar View


In the simplest easiest and bestest way. We show you and overview of your leave

Mesage Alerts

Everytime you create a new leave we'll send an email to your mailing list.

Calendar View

An easy way to see the upcoming and used leaves. Not the ones from trees

Alrite. If you're still not sure

Send us a message. We'll try to convince you somemore!